I'm a self-taught ceramic artist. I came to clay through work I was doing in photography during the early 1990's. In my photographic work, I was interested in the organization of domestic space and how our bodies and emotional states seemed to be reflected in the shape and construction of architectural forms and objects typically found in the home. Among the sources for my work were books by architects and designers from the 60's and 70's who developed a visual and structural vocabulary based upon cellular structures, along with various craft books from the same period.  Such things as microphotographs of cells, images of ceramics, fiber crafts, glass and flower arrangements. A common thread in my photographic work was ambiguity in the loss of scale through photography and the visual correspondences between images of craft objects and the human body. This reciprocal relationship between the ceramic forms and the human body expressed an excess in the images that fascinated me to the point that I began to work in clay.